Arts and Culture Program

(formally the Pilot Project)

Our first project on the Nkabom site was to build and initiate a pilot school program for local youth who otherwise would not have access to education. We strongly believe that by offering an education to the youth we are helping them gain skills that will potentially make them employable and able to initiate and create their own ventures in the future. Without an education it becomes very difficult for people to get ahead and know how to communicate with the wider community and within professional businesses structures.

Research has shown that it is more effective to work with a focus then to try and take on everything at once. With this concept in mind we began with a pilot program as a trial project, with the vision to expand it into a full program should it be successful. The pilot program was put in place in February 2011 and has recently evolved into our first full course onsite - the Arts and Culture Program.

This program has been embraced by the local community and with the support of the chiefs, our community advisory board and some motivated staff and volunteers the program has been a great success. The students are keen and have been learning a variety of skills including singing, dancing, drumming, history of Ghanaian cultural dance and basic English. While the resources are basic, a lot of learning has taken place and the spirit is strong.

Thanks to our continuing support from Asanti Dance Theatre (Australia), Ghanaian and Australian volunteers and some generous donations from individuals, we have now built a basic school room/ dance space and 30 school desks.

We are also very grateful for some donations of time, funds and resources from various individuals who have supplied us with pens, pencils, paper, chalk and other basic resources, including wages for our teachers ensuring the continuation of this project for a period of 2 years. These donations are greatly appreciated and will truly help change the lives of the students and the wider community.


Fit Club

Every Sunday a community fit club session takes place. Encouraging strong mental and physical well being the students gather early in the morning for a fun filled jog through the local streets, singing and playing instruments as they go. Once they finish they return to the Nkabom site to stretch together before cooking, eating and socialising.

We are extremely grateful to be in the process of having 15 pairs of running shoes donated from a sporting company- to make the running just that little bit more comfortable for the Nkabom students! For many this session is the highlight of the week and is a must if you visit the site!