Nkabom aims to provide programs that cater to the needs of young individuals
who would otherwise not have the opportunity to study and/or learn a trade.


We are excitedly planning for the development and implementation of a new Horticulture and Sustainability program at Nkabom.

Drawing on the natural resources of the land, this program is designed to encourage youth to engage in local farming practices, as well as learn basic nutrition, health and sanitation, and business skills.

Discussion and consultation for this program is now underway between the staff and volunteers, local residents, the community advisory board.

The agriculture and farming prospects will also enable the Nkabom project to become more self sufficient. 

Initiatives so far include preparing the land for planting of cassava crops, Gari processing, a small scale chicken farm and some goats. Preparations are also being made for a community vegetable garden.

With projects in various stages, more resources are always required. If you are interested in contributing please contact us.





Construction of the chicken coop (2012)