The mission of the project is simple – to help people help themselves.
This mission is what underpins all of the programs run at the Nkabom site and guides the concepts, development and implementation of each and every initiative. It aims to reduce poverty rates, spread awareness and support local enterprise.  


The following are a list of values that the NGO was built on and strives to uphold;

The Arts: Preservation of the arts is at the heart of the project. It is essential that the traditional arts are respected and carried forward, along with the knowledge of why they exist and where they come from.

Creation: Creation of new works, ideas and initiatives will be embraced and supported where ever possible. 

Innovation: Nkabom will continually create innovative opportunities for local, underprivileged children and adults.

Community Links: The project is run for the community, by the community. It endeavours to build strong partnerships between local and international groups, organisations and individuals.

Cultural Development: Nkabom strives to embrace local culture and support people to share this with the wider community. Cultural development also incorporates the development of ‘global citizens’, aiding cross cultural understanding, respect and interaction.

Education: Nkabom draws on education as a basis to relieve poverty through providing opportunity to gain skill sets, making locals employable and able to enter the workforce.