Interested in being a part of this exciting project?
Then come and volunteer with us! There are two
ways you can do it – as an individual or as a part
of our annual tour group.


Individuals can volunteer at any time of the year and have the option of staying in one of our on-site huts or homestay with a local family. They will spend Monday to Friday working on the Nkabom site on one or various projects and have weekends free to tour around Ghana and enjoy some of the many tourist attractions. Current projects that individuals can work on include teaching and planing in the education program, administration and program management, building and construction, and implementing sustainability and horticulture programs.  


Each year Asanti Dance Theatre run tours to Ghana where participants are involved in a drum and dance cultural program as well as volunteering on the Nkabom project. The tour runs for 4 weeks and participants can choose to be involved in one or both of the programs. For a more detailed outline of the tour please visit the Asanti website – http://www.asantidancetheatre.com/tour.php  

With either of these options we work closely with you to plan your time on the Nkabom site and ensure you are well prepared before you arrive. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us so we can talk about your options and how best to put the skills you have to use.